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We offer general computer consultancy services for residents of Kisumu City, it's environs and the East Africa as whole.

Our core business areas include computer hardware and software maintenance & repair, team building, entrepreneurship, hospitality and peer education among others.

Recently, we introduced petty erands services which include carpet & seats cleaning, parcel delivery and collection, bills payment etc.

Being youths of today, we have a department that deals with arts & creative design which makes teaching aides as well as puppets.

In the month of May 2010, we completed setting up our state of the art cybercafe in Kisumu City (Kona - legio) that has already shown it's viability in creating a niche' in the market share as far as internet service provision is concerned.

Don't hesitate to pass-by and feel the touch of class in fiber opticity.

All these and many more at affordable cost.

"Karibu sana, kuwa member na ujienjoy bila bughudha"

              Uje Mmoja mje wote!!

"Simply Professional"